Ocean V



Situated in the Northwest coastline, Grand Baie in Mauritius used to be more of a village consisting of fishermen and their families. However, this Grand Baie in Mauritius was always in the limelight for its exotic beaches, beryl water and the bay that is deeply sheltered. During the mid 70’s, many people who belonged to Grand Baie in Mauritius became rich all of a sudden, due to the sudden hike in the price of sugar.

This however, improved the general economic scenario of the infamous Grand Baie in Mauritius. Further, this led to the transformation of Grand Baie in Mauritius from a mere fishing village to a tourist hub, with people from all corners of the world, longing to come here at Grand Baie in Mauritius in an attempt to witness the serene beauty associated with this place and its picturesque sea beaches.


Grand Bassin Sacred Lake

Grand Bassin, Mauritius is a must visit must natural attraction in Mauritius. No Mauritius excursion becomes complete without a trip to Grand Bassin, Mauritius. The main attraction of this picturesque Bassin, apart from its spectacular beauty is its interesting legend. Grand Bassin is a sacred lake in Mauritius that is believed to be filled with the waters of the holy Ganges of India. This Lake is of immense religious significance for the Hindus residing here. According to the legend, it is believed that the Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, was traveling around the earth with his wife Parvati, with holy Ganges water balanced on his head, when he saw this deserted, beautiful island and decided to land here.

He then spilled some drops of the sacred Ganges River into a crater of an extinct volcano on this island and created a small lake that we now know as Grand Bassin Lake in Mauritius. After that Shiva prophesized that some of the people who at some point of time have lived along the banks of Ganges in India would later on reside on this island and glorify Ganges here as well.

Sept Cascades

Go deep into the indigenous forests of Les Sept Cascades, South West of Mauritius. Literally meaning ‘seven waterfalls’, Sept Cascades is a favourite amongst locals to go trekking and hiking in the lush greenery. The hike may reveal to be quite challenging in some places. But after all the huffing and puffing, you will be grateful once you reach the cooling springs and waterfalls. An adventure-packed outing, preferably done in groups and with a professional guide as they are not many clear trails to follow.