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Blue Bay Marine Park

The festival of Maha Shivratree is celebrated in Mauritius and India but also among other Hindu of the world. Maha Shivaratri in Mauritius is indeed a major festival for the Hindu community and pilgrims walks towards Grand Bassin, a natural lake on the central plateau. The pilgrims dressed in white proceed to Grand Bassin carrying bamboo contraption on their shoulders as a sign of sacrifice on this festival. Maha Shivratree means the grand night of Shiva.

Obviously ceremonies take place on a moonless night during the Krishna Paksha in the hindu month of paigun. Just to clarify the hindi terms, Krishna Paksha means dark fortnight of Palguna (month of February/March) and this is the reason for celebrating Maha Shivratree in February or March. Maha Shivratree is observed in the honor of the hindu Lord Shiva who was married to Maa Parvati on this particular day. Maha Shivratree is the night where Lord Shiva performed the violent dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction known as Tandava.


Big Game Fishing

Mauritius is renowned for being one of the best Big Game fishing destination worldwide. The sea drops to 70m (230ft) just 1 km (⅔ mile) from the coast, meaning that huge fish are there for the taking 15 minutes from the shore.

Its tropical waters are home to blue and black stripe marlin, sharks, tuna, sail fish, bonitos, Wahoo, Dorado and the bécune. The most popular season for international anglers is from September to March, but big game fishing is possible year round. Your experience will be unsurpassed and unique from any fishing excursion you have been on before.

Our Catch and release policy ensures that minimal impact is made to the precious marine ecosystems of Mauritius.

Blue Safari Submarine

Blue Safari Submarine is the only operator of real submarines in the Indian Ocean. At 35 metres depth, your dream comes true as you discover the magic of the marine life. You will enjoy a rare and unforgettable experience, travelling in total security and comfort, on board very sophisticated air-conditioned submarines. A unique adventure which should not be missed, whether you are 2 or 90 years old.

The adventure begins upon boarding the surface vessel “Betty of the Mascareignes”. It has two ultrasound phones on-board, which provide permanent communication with the submarine. During your 40-minutes dive, amongst multicoloured fish, you will discover the beauty of the corals and who knows what surprise awaits you. Our pilots, trained in marine biology, will guide you through your dive. Viewing the wreck of the “Star of Hope” and its numerous inhabitants, it is always a magical moment! During the descent, the colours change as the infra red rays of the light, are filtered out by the water. At 20 meters depth, red becomes brown, then violet at 30 meters. Yellow becomes green, then blue, after 30 meters. Blue is the dominant colour of the deepest part of your dive.



Catamaran trip in Mauritius is considered to be one of the best attractions in Mauritius. It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities for visitors to Mauritius and a great experience to remember and cherish. You will get to discover the beauty of Mauritius Paradise Island, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world with superb coral reefs, crystal clear water, beautiful lagoons, stunning unspoiled beaches and amazing underwater world.

Mauritius catamaran cruises make it easy and comfortable to visit beautiful regions of the island during your sea journey. It is also the best way to discover the beauty of Mauritius’ surrounding islands. As part of the catamaran cruise you will get to sail along the beaches, see the lagoons, enjoy the stops on the way to snorkel and discover the amazing marine world. Going on any of the catamaran cruises in Mauritius will allow you to widen the scope of exploring Mauritius, and will be a real gratifying experience for the body and the soul.


It is the Southern end of the West coast that offer the best Kite and windsurfing conditions. Beginners and confirmed kiters can enjoy the vastness of the La Prairie / Baie du Cap lagoon, providing a shallow and safe environment and allows downwind glides to Le Morne. (The lagoon of La Prairie is too shallow for windsurfing.)

The Le Morne spot is the winner of all spots of Mauritius. Due to the landscape that strongly boosts the prevailing South- Easterly winds in winter and due to a very specific and local thermal wind in summer, this spot offers ideal conditions 11 months a year (February being the exception.) The La Preneuse and Flic en Flac spots are adequate essentially for kiters of intermediary to confirmed levels and only when the wind is thermal, from the West or North-West, (i.e. mainly outside winter period.) They are good spots to start and sail downwind to Le Morne.



Parasailing is the ideal excursion for those looking for a special sea-air activity. Parasailing offers you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beautiful lagoon and beaches of Mauritius, making it one of the best things to do during your vacation in Mauritius. Mauritius Attractions offers you to enjoy parasailing in several different locations in Mauritius.

You can choose to experience water skiing in any of the following locations:

– Grand Baie (Mauritius North West)
– Flic en Flac (Mauritius South West)
– Trou D’eau Douce (Mauritius central East coast)
– Blue Bay (Mauritius South East)